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In celebration of FINLAND’s 100th year celebration, Ageing Asia will be leading a study programme to Finland on 17-20 October. During this 'Future of Commmunity Health Finland’ trip, we will be taking you on an insightful journey to experience Finland's best on transitional care from hospital to home, active ageing, chronic disease management, rehabilitation and elderly housing & care services. 

Finland’s globally acclaimed disease prevention and health promotion activities have led to a rise in life expectancy rates, especially over the last few decades. Combined with rapid access to life-saving care for cancer and acute cardiovascular diseases, these outreach policies have helped to ensure that Finnish people live longer. In particular, the success of the Finnish healthcare and long term care model lies in active ageing, preventive care and integration between healthcare and eldercare. The programme will focus on the future of care to support ageing-in-place, smart health technologies, role of municipalities and facility innovations.


  • State of the art healthcare, elderly care & rehab 
  • Engage with key industry stakeholders across business, government and not-for-profits
  • Visit at least 2 municipalities as case-studies
  • Understand the full spectrum of healthcare and eldercare services that enable successful ageing-in-place and transitions from hospital to community
  • Integrations of technologies and services that improve quality of patient life
  • What can we adapt for Asia Pacific
  • And more...


  • Senior Management Team
  • Operations Team
  • Government
  • Healthcare Groups
  • Retirement Villages 
& Nursing Homes 

  • Architects 

  • Home Care Providers 

  • Developers 

  • Technology Providers

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For more information or to request for a copy of the programme, contact Sylwin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  / +65 6441 0474


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