The Best Collection Of Japan Long Term Care 

TOKYO (17-20 September 2019) 

KANSAI REGION (23-25 September 2019) 


*SOLD OUT* Module A - Best of Tokyo's diverse senior housing facilities



A New Take on Ageing


This year, Ageing Asia introduces Ageing Asia Conference On-the-Go that brings you outside of your comfort zone to across the continents to access the best concepts of health and eldercare beyond Asia. This unique guided programme provides unrivalled access + insights to the World’s most innovative and sustainable ageing models, advanced long term care systems, the hardware to the ‘heartware’ and more…


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This 17-25 September 2019, we are taking a fresh perspective with the Conference On-the-Go (Japan series) in Tokyo and the Kansai region.

Offering exclusive insights into the best collection of Japan’s long term care system, including cross industry solutions and creative innovations in technology and rehabilitation, each experiential workshop will be fully guided. You will gain special access to the “behind-the-scenes” in Japan’s modern and progressive eldercare system. 

Meet Japan’s leading operators and gain strategic and operational know-hows on:

  • Operating modern award winning home-like community assisted living models 
  • Re-using ageing spaces through multi-generational living spaces with intentional interaction points
  • Accessing Japan’s award-winning living & food lab and sophisticated, functional food industry for older adults 
  • Integrating evidence-based global programme innovations into existing care models and services
  • Adapting foreign models to suit domestic needs and cultural tastes for better implementation within the APAC region

3 dedicated themes for a comprehensive, insightful experience:

Tokyo, Japan (17-20 September 2019)

  • Module A - Best of Tokyo's diverse senior housing facilities  *SOLD OUT!*
  • Module B - Creative programmes, cross industry solutions, innovations in care 

Kansai, Japan (23-25 September 2019)

  • Module C – Innovations in technology and rehabilitation 

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