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Ageing Asia is the first outside of USA to bring you newly released evidence-based findings on the impact of small-scale living and vertical developments in an exclusive masterclass led by Dr Audrey Wiener, President & CEO, The New Jewish Home, USA. Care professionals across Asia Pacific who are passionate about advancing person directed care will be able to gain new evidence base knowledge, understanding of implementation variables, and key staff, elder and family member outcomes. 

Over a nine month study period from April to December 2017, The New Jewish Home embarked on a research evaluation to understand and capitalise on what they have learnt from their existing accomplishments in Person-Directed Care in New York, USA. These include the establishment of Small House communities at Sarah Neuman, and the implementation of two person directed models on two communities at their Manhattan campus, the Comfort First model (palliative care for advanced dementia care) and the Guided Community model (initial implementation of the Green House Model in the Manhattan campus).

The philosophy behind person-directed care is to enable and empower elders as the primary decision maker. Globally, organisations strive to deliver this philosophy via various models, including The Greenhouse® Model advocating a radical redesign of the nursing home environment to include private rooms, private bathrooms, open kitchens and outdoor access). Under the support of this model, the Small House concept encompasses the same values, but with higher capacity and smaller environmental footprint.

At the end of the 2-day Masterclass, attendees will have an understanding of clinical and experience metrics of small scale living on urban cities, the differences of facilies between small houses, traditional nursing homes with 45 beded units, and transition between the two, the impacts of small house model on elders, staff and family members via comparison with the legacy home model, and lastly, the economic impacts of the small house and the future of vertical communities. 

Module 1: How do we envision the future of person directed care
Module 2: Re-engineering traditional design, staff and interactions to small house
Module 3: Clinical experience of small house & comparisons to traditional nursing homes
Module 4: Economic metrics of small house & satisfaction levels of elders, staff and families
Module 5: Delivering person directed care in urban cities
Module 6: Efficiencies of staffing in Green House Model
Module 7: The continuum of person centred care in Manhatten – Results of the 2017 research
Module 8: Building the future of care in the heart of Manhatten - World's First Vertical Green House 2020

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