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In Singapore this week, there is an ongoing debate on the topic of 'Quantity of care versus Quality of care'. Whether we should have single bed rooms or 4-6 bed rooms to enable affordability. 

With Singapore adding 5,000 new nursing home beds by 2020, the country is looking to rapidly ramp up care facilities and drive innovation. In recent news articles (see news link below), care experts from Singapore and Japan share their opinions on care model innovations, affordability, feasibility and long term challenges for the people and government.

News Japanese advisory board

Mr. Tadamichi Shimogawara, President, Silverwood and 
Dr. Jun Sasaki, Founder & Chairman, Yushoukai Medical Corp. who are our Japanese advisory board members for AAIF in Japan (who were interviewed in the article) will be joining us for our upcoming Ageing Asia study trip in Tokyo from 24-27 OctoberIf you are keen to engage and visit the facilities with the Japanese experts, contact jThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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We have also asked our aged care experts to share their thoughts and comments. Check back on this page daily for the latest updates!

Q1 27 Jul

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW has done a lot of consulting work with providers of residential aged care and we have found that high levels of care, satisfaction, wellbeing can be achieved in rooms with 2-3 residents. Our market is driven to deliver 1 bed rooms as this is primarily what family members want for their loved one for privacy and dignity reasons. This is fair and reasonable, but overlooks the value of social connections, increased foot traffic in multi-bed rooms, higher visitor numbers, and higher frequency of interaction with staff. We have also done some work with an organisation called Group Homes Australia who are using suburban houses of up to 8 bedrooms to run a very homelike service. They are not Government funded, unlike the traditional residential aged care providers with facilities up to 200 beds. Our debate doesn’t really focus on the room configuration, but more as you say on the quality of care. This is influenced by the number of staff, the attitudes and qualities of the staff, and the qualification they possess. Our consulting work also highlights the critical importance of leadership of a facility in influencing the quality of care that takes place. "

Mr Brendan Moore, General Manager, Policy, Research and Information, Alzheimer's Australia NSW

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Q2 3 Aug

The Government first need to acknowledge the market demand of a more conducive & enticing facility for seniors. Hospital brings along the negativity to seniors. The Government also needs to roll out new legislations to encourage private sector as well as NFP organisations to invest in aged care products that serve the needs of the market, particularly the middle to the upper end of the markets. "

Mr Tan Choe Lam, Founder & Managing Director, Jeta Gardens Group, Australia and Malaysia

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There are ways we can sustainably fund high quality long term care for our elderly:

  • Promoting healthy aging at home to ensure residential admissions are contained to specific high to sub-acute care
  • Developing innovative social enterprise models to materialise self-sustainable residential sites
  • Hybridise resources to deliver both home and residential services through innovative models "

Mr Giovanni Di Noto, Chairman & CTO, cloudyBoss Pty Ltd, Thailand

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A home from home for Japan elderly2        SG nursing home need to balance2

1 Aug 2016, The Straits Times, Singapore

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1 Aug 2016, The Straits Times, Singapore

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single bed        
29 Jul 2016, The Straits Times, Singapore

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Caring for Japan elderly video2   
29 Jul 2016, Razor TV, Singapore

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